Apart from our hosting activities, Geckotools can also sopport you with the following activities:

Helpdesk & tech support

Geckotools can provide on site (or via email) technical support including among other things:

  • Internet & network support
  • Laptop help & management
  • Backup service
  • Data recovery services
  • Internal network setup & configuration
  • Virus protection
  • Data encryption
  • Printer support


Geckotoools can provide network-, support- and ICT infrastructural engineers on a consultancy basis to support your team if needed.

Custom hosting solutions

If you have very specific hosting requirements, Geckotoools can help. We have experience in (among other things) the following technologies:

  • Azure/AWS/Google Cloud environments
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines (Gitlab/Bamboo/Jenkins to AWS/Azure/own network

Monitoring and support

Geckotools can help you set up a dedicated monitoring system for your environment and even provide first line response if required. We can set up and configure any number of system checks and provide alerting via email/SMS & Whatsapp.

Continous penetration testing

A penetration test is a snapshot in time of the security status of your web application based on the known vulnerabilities at the time. However, you keep developing on your application, potentially introducing new risks and vulnerabilities themselves also continue to evolve. To have piece of mind, you need to continually test your application and also keep improving your scanning technology.